Halfway up the Stairs

by Lorne Warr

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Nominated for the 2014 East Coast Music Association's Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year.


released July 22, 2013


all rights reserved



Lorne Warr Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador

ECMA and MusicNL nominated singer/songwriter Lorne Warr sings stories about the human experience-- drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Newfoundland folklore, life on the road, the birth of a daughter, and his own families history of schooners and working the high steel in New York. ... more

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Track Name: Back to the Island Again
Back to the Island Again
Lorne Warr

I've traveled this highway from sea onto sea
Asked the wise about wisdom, they asked it of me
The one truth that I hold is my soul longs to be
Back on the island again


Home, goin' home
To arms around me and a place of my own
Where the sound of stillness sinks into the bone
Back to the island again

In the dark mystic forest my footsteps will wind
Along crystal rivers that wash away time
Down to an ocean where waves sing in rhyme
And call back to the island again


I've watched the sea rise and I've watched the stars fall
I've gazed out in wonder at the beauty of all
But nothing compels like the hearts quiet call
To come back to the island again


I've chased a slow sunset through a prairie of red
Crossed cold crooked mountains where the moon laid it's head
I'll take no more rest till I'm warm in my bed
Back on the island again

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: East Side West Side
East Side West Side
Lorne Warr

The letter arrived a hot day in July
From his brother who lived in the States
It said, " Frankie close up your house in the cove
Come down where the living is great
Brooklyn and Queens are like nothing you've seen
They're so big that they hardly seem real
And the buildings rise high as the clouds in the sky
And they're looking for men for the steel

Oh, there's work to be done for a back that is strong
And a heart that beats without fear
And up there on the beam, its like living a dream
And you step like you're walking on air
So Frankie take Bessie and Billy too
Get the steamer and make a new start
Cause the boys from Twillingate Island are here
And we're dancin' the Streets of New York"

Singing East side west side all around the town
East side west side
Where their feet don't touch the ground

So Frankie and Bessie and Billy too
Stepped out on that long Brooklyn pier
And the boys from the Island all gathered around them
And they laughed like they hadn't a care
They taught him about rails, and rivets and nails
And how to walk like a cat on a beam
And he watched from his mountain as the city grew round him
And they built the American dream

Singing East side west side all around the town
East side west side
Where their feet don't touch the ground

Bessie made them a home in a building of stone
With 2 baths and a broad Brooklyn view
And after Sunday dinner the boys would all gather
And they'd talk about Newfoundland news
When fall came along his daughter was born
The first time he held her he cried
And the boys raised a glass to all that had passed
And all that was coming besides

And they sang east side west side all around the town
East side west side
Where their feet don't touch the ground

He fell like a sparrow on a cold winter day
An angel whose wings had been broken
And the boys from the Island, all gathered around him
And barely a word was spoken
Then Bessie and Billy and Marion too
They put on the steamer back home
And Bessie went back to her house in the cove
To raise up her children alone
Some of the boys stayed, some went back home
And some went off to the war
And time slipped along until they were gone
Like the countless who been there before
But their children had dreams
And their children too
Of a life that was lived without care
Where their footsteps were light as an angel in flight
And they stepped like they were walking on air.

East side west side all around the town
East side west side
Who knows where they'll come down
Track Name: Edge of the Ocean
Edge of the Ocean
Lorne Warr

Just a little note to say
I thought of you the other day
Nothing special really, just a flicker of your face
Just a memory
Of a day we spent beside the sea
When life was light and bright and every star was in it's place

On a Sunday afternoon
Through the window of our room
The music drifted softly and woke us gently from our sleep
Without a word, without a plan
Through narrow streets, hand in hand
We followed til we found a crowd around him on the quay

Round and round on the edge of the ocean
The old man played the button box for the children on the quay
Round and round by the sea in the summer
We danced round the dock while the accordion played

Squeezebox jumping on his knee
He played a tune for you and me
"For love," he said, and music soared like the seagulls in the sun
With children dancing on the pier
And a blush of sunlight in your hair
You laughed as I took your hand and gently spun you round


The music swirled as we twirled in dance
The children laughed, the seagulls pranced
And a breeze bobbed the white sails behind us on the bay
And an old couple on the pier smiled and joined us dancing there
As you put you arms around my neck and we began to sway


Time goes by, we get older
Sundays seem a little colder
That's alright, things are just the way they have to be
And we all know from the start
That people change and lovers part
It's just now and then I think about that Sunday by the sea

Chorus (x2)

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